Sitemap - 2022 - DeFi, NFT & Web3 Insights - The Defiant

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of June 26

📬 Inbox Dump #57

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Become a Curve LP for sETH/ETH and Boost Returns with Convex

🎮 Axie Infinity Guilds Rush to Aid Players as GameFi Pioneer Craters

🧐 MakerDAO Jolts its Members with Bold Governance Proposals

📈 Optimism’s TVL Doubles as Trading Activity Surges on Layer 2s

🎙 Hasu: Lido's Staked ETH Poses No Systemic Risk to DeFi

🗳 Lido Voters Reject Limiting Growth In Key Move For Eth2

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of June 19

📬 Inbox Dump #56

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Set Sail On The Arbitrum Odyssey

👹 Fear and Reveling in Goblintown: A Savage Journey into NFT Land

🐳 Solend and Mango Markets Team Up to Handle Whale’s $207M Debt

Gmoney on NFT Projects That Will Make it Through the Bear

🌡 Celsius Defies Fear of Implosion as Token Soars 218%

🐋 Solend's Proposed Freeze of Whale’s $216M Account Scrapped as ‘Opposite of DeFi’

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of June 12

📬 Inbox Dump #55

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Using Uniswap V3 To Dollar-Cost Average + Single-Sided LPs on Bancor V3

🌌 NFT Fund Starry Night Goes Dark on SuperRare

😧 Investors Scramble to Get a Grip on Depth of Three Arrows’ Trouble

🎙 Mati Greenspan: Only Those Who Are Well Funded or Most Committed Will Make it Through the Bear

🌪 Speculation Swirls That Three Arrows Capital is Next Crypto Giant to Fall

😬 Uh-oh! Tron’s Stablecoin USDD Slips its Peg as TRX Tumbles

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of June 5

📬 Inbox Dump #54

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Create Your Own NFT Contract With Manifold + 32% APR on Stablecoins

💳 New Breed of DeFi Credit Protocols Raises Millions at Rapid Clip

🙇🏻‍♂️ Crypto Lawyers Unpack Contradictions and Challenges in Senate Mega-Bill

🎙 The Fabricant Co-Founder: NFT Fashion Blurs Lines Between Creators and Consumers While Both Share the Upside

💸 PayPal Enables Crypto Withdrawals to Non-Custodial Wallets

🏛Sweeping Bipartisan Bill Aims For Across-the-Board Regulation of Crypto

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of May 29

📬 Inbox Dump #53

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Curve on Optimism + Gearbox Credit Accounts

😬 Crypto Founders Scramble as ‘Outlandish’ Era of Easy Money Ends

🚔 OpenSea’s Former Head of Product Arrested by the FBI

🌪 Optimism Airdrop Turns ‘Turbulent’ After Demand Overload

📈 Crypto Markets Rebound After Bitcoin’s Record Losing Streak

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of May 23

📬 Inbox Dump #52

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Fixed Yields on ETH with Sense Protocol + Zerion's New DeFi Wallet

📉 Bitcoin On Track To Extend Record Losing Streak

💥Outdated Node Clients Cause Blockchain Reorg on Eth2 Beacon Chain

📉 Milady NFTs Plummet As Founder Comes Clean

👀 GameStop Launches Beta Version of Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet

🎙Yoni Assia on the Rise of Active Trading in a Blockchain-Based World and Building a 27M-User App

📬 Inbox Dump #51

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Earning Yield on ETH with Yearn's stETH Vault

🤖Bitcoin and Ethereum Hash Rates Hit All-Time Highs Despite Bear Market

📉Frax Founder Pins $25B Stablecoin Supply Drop on Fed Rate Hikes

📉Crypto Markets Stabilize After $693B Sell-Off

😱 Luna Foundation Guard Spent $3B In Unsuccessful Bid To Defend UST Peg

🎙[DISREGARD PREVIOUS EMAIL] Terra Post Mortem and Future with Kevin Zhou, One of the Few Investors Who Predicted the Crash

🎙Terra Post Mortem and Future with Kevin Zhou, One of the Few Investors Who Predicted the Crash

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of May 10

📬 Inbox Dump #50

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Avoiding IL With Bancor V3 + StarkNet Testnet Guide

😳 Trader May Have Lost $9M in Exit from USDT

📉 Alt Layer 1 Trade Unravels as Ethereum Killers Sink Below ETH

🌪 Do Kwon Humbled as LUNA Spirals and UST Suffers ‘Lehman Moment’

😱 Terra’s Stablecoin Structure Unravels on a Wild Day

🎙 Buenos Aires City Innovation Chief Talks Crypto Tax Payments and How Web3 Will Revolutionize Democracy

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of May 1

📬 Inbox Dump #49

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Tips for Rethinking Your DeFi Portfolio in Bearish Times

💥 NFT Aggregators Scale Trading as OpenSea Treads Water

🧟 Dead Brands Attempt Resurrection With Crypto

⚔️ Genie Accuses Rival Gem After DDoS Attack

🎙 BoredElonMusk Talks Crypto Gaming and Growing a Twitter Following to the Millions

🤯 Soaring Gas, Suspicion, and 50,000 NFTs: Inside Yuga’s Metaverse Mint

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of April 25

📬 Inbox Dump #47

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Ultimate Guide To Optimism + Boosted Beefy 4pool Vault

🦜 DeFi Lender Goldfinch Hits $100M in Loans

🚀 How Yuga Labs Became a $4B NFT Juggernaut in a Year

🎙 Prominent Academic Fabian Schär Says Crypto Regulation Should Happen Only at On/Off-Ramps and Ditch Consumer Protection

🦉 Carson’s Sudden Exit from Moonbirds Team Leaves NFT Investors Miffed

🦹🏻‍♂️ NFTs Worth Millions Stolen After Bored Apes Instagram Hack

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of April 17

📬 Inbox Dump #47

⍺ DeFi Alpha: 40% APR on Stablecoins with Rose on Aurora

😲 Don’t Look Now But Cryptocurrencies Are Outperforming Tech Stocks

😳 Black Pilled at Bitcoin 2022: Do We Know What All This Is For?

🦍Index Coop’s New NFT Index Fund Includes Blue Chips Like CryptoPunks and Bored Apes

🌻Why Compound Might Ditch its Yield Farmers

🎙 Jill Gunter Talks Crypto's Role in Emerging Markets and Building Scaling Solution Espresso Systems

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of April 11

📬 Inbox Dump #46

⍺ DeFi Alpha: 264% APY With Beanstalk + HBAR Liquid Staking

🇺🇦 NFT Artist Leads Convoy To Rescue 70 Refugees From War-Torn Ukraine

📈Traders Move ETH out of Centralized Exchanges and into DeFi

💸 Major US Clearing House Experiments with CBDC for Real-Time Settlements

💸 Refunds for NFTs? New Standard Sets Give-Back Period for Minters

🎙 Making Magic - A Defiant Love Story with Robin Schmidt & Alp Gasimov

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of April 3

📬 Inbox Dump #45

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Triple-Digit Yields With Starlay & Arrakis

🌴 Bitcoin 2022 Reveals the Inevitable Draw of DeFi and NFTs

🎯Terra’s Do Kwon Takes Aim at DAI With Pool of Four Stablecoins

🐧 Pudgy Penguins Fly as Floor Price Triples

👀 ‘Russia’s Ethereum’ Loses Stablecoin Peg as Accusations of Ponzi Schemes Fly

🎙 Cosmos Co-Founder Ethan Buchman on Building an Internet of Sovereign Blockchains

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of March 27

📬 Inbox Dump #44

⍺ DeFi Alpha: 50-1700% APY Yield Farming With Stablecoins On Spool

🏛️Bill Requiring KYC of Non-Custodial Wallets Passes EU Parliament

🪞 Vitalik Muses on How PoS Could Have Come Sooner

🌗 Do Kwon’s Treasury Play Allies LUNA and BTC Maxis in a Pumped Market

🏦 MakerDAO May Hook Up With Traditional Bank

🎙 Blockchange Ventures' Ken Seiff: Betting on Crypto's Base Layer and a Multi-Chain Future

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of March 20

📬 Inbox Dump #43

⍺ DeFi Alpha: 217% APR on ETH-USDC using Integral SIZE + Stablecoins on Stargate

📺 Raoul Pal Bought an Ape for 140 ETH: Was It a Good Idea?

📈 NFT Market Shifting Into New Growth Phase: Report

🦹🏻‍♂️ Phishing Exploit Pinches 60 NFTs From Top Collector

🤩 Web3 Salaries Soar to $750,000 for Rank-and-File Devs

🎙 Gitcoin's Kevin Owocki on Fueling Public Goods Funding for the Ethereum Nation

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of March 13

📬 Inbox Dump #42

🙊 Bored Ape’s Floor Price Seesaws as Investors Claim New Coin

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Save Gas Buying NFTs With Gem + Yield Farming On Starstream

👀 EXCLUSIVE: Sifu Speaks!

🔥 Proposal Aims to Shake up MakerDAO’s Tokenomics and Light a Fire Under MKR

🎰 Degen Who Slammed Terra as ‘Ponzi’ Dares Founder to Bet $1M on LUNA — and He Did

🎙 Fabian Vogelsteller, father of the ERC20 Standard, on the Shift from Blockchain Addresses to Social Profiles with Lukso

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of March 6

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Wield Excalibur For 200% APR on Stablecoins + Curve Boosts With Concentrator

⚔️ Call to Reduce Yield Payouts to Save Anchor Protocol Roils Terra Community

🏛 Crypto Community Relieved by Biden Order’s Balance Yet Wary as Oversight Regime Takes Shape 

📺 EXCLUSIVE Andrew Yang Interview: Finally Web3 has REAL Lobbying Power

💥 Cronje’s Exit Hits Yearn and Fantom as Defenders Scramble to Shore up Confidence

🎙 Laura Shin on Solving Ethereum's Greatest Mystery with Her New Book, The Cryptopians

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of Feb. 27

📬 Inbox Dump #41

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Venturing Into Degen Territory With Astroport, Aurigami & ThorSwap

📉 DeFi Blue Chips Slide 80% Since 2021 as New Generation Rises

🌊 Terra and Fantom Are Pumping Even as DeFi TVL and Ethereum Burn Rate Drag

🇺🇦 UkraineDAO Raises $7M and Builds Global Network of Supporters, Says Co-Founder Alona

📈 Russia's Invasion Triggers 6% Premium on BTC-Ukrainian Hryvnia Trade

🎙 Polkadot's Gavin Wood on Building a Layer 0 to Underpin All Blockchains

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of Feb. 20

📬 Inbox Dump #40

⍺ DeFi Alpha: 58% APR on Stablecoins using Solidex Finance

🇺🇦 Blockchain Teams in Ukraine Struggle and Galvanize as Russia Invades Their Country

😲 Sotheby’s Landmark Auction of 104 CryptoPunks Lot Was Withdrawn at Last Minute

🎯 Jump and Three Arrows Lead $1B LUNA Buy to Secure UST Against Black Swans

🏔 Ethereum Old Guard Meets (So Many) Newbies at ETHDenver

🎙 Sovryn's Edan Yago on Building Bitcoin DeFi; Slower Growth But Strongest Foundation

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of Feb. 13

⍺ DeFi Alpha: 20% Fixed Yield On ETH and BTC Using 88mph + Yield Farming on Metis

💥 Another Fork Bites the Dust: The Looming Fall of Fortress DAO and the Perils of Off-Chain Governance

🧛🏻 Upstart’s Vampire Attack on OpenSea Fizzles After Technical Issues and Criticism

🧐 LooksRare Team Reaps $31M Windfall as Token Plunges 70% From All-Time High

👨🏻‍⚖️ SEC Says BlockFi Misrepresented Risk to Crypto Depositors In $100M Order

🎙 Vitalik Buterin on Building a Base Layer for the Global Economy Without Compromising on Decentralization

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of Feb. 7

📬 Inbox Dump #40

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Earn Up To 500% APR on Stablecoins With Defrost Finance on Avalanche

😱 Gas Prices Slam Buyers in Cool Pets NFT Drop as Transaction Fees Soar 7,000%

🚀 Smooth Love Potion Soars 70% in 24 Hours Behind Axie Infinity Update

👀 Cancel Culture Comes to Crypto as Offensive Tweets Trigger Flurry of Ousters

🍱 Answer to SushiSwap’s Troubles May Be Transforming into On-Chain DAO

🎙 Giveth's Griff Green: Super-Charging Public Goods and Charity With Crypto

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of Jan. 30

📬 Inbox Dump #39

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Earn Up To 240% APR on Stablecoins With ArthSwap

🧑🏼‍🚒 Jump Crypto Replaces Over $320M of Wormhole Wrapped ETH in DeFi Bailout

🎙 AVAX's Emin Gun Sirer Says Blockchains Should be Scalable at Their Core; Layer 2s Mean Giving Up

🏛 Crypto Stakers’ IRS Tax Refund Marks Milestone for PoS Validators

🍣 SushiSwap Struggles to Overcome Lack of Management and Nixed Frog Nation Deal

🌪 Questions Swirl Around Wonderland’s Fate After Frog Nation Crisis

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of Jan. 23

🔥 EXCLUSIVE: Head to Head with Andre Cronje || a Defiant SPECIAL

📺 First Look: Cardano's first DEX is here. Does it work?

😲 MakerDAO’s Expulsion of Content Team Stirs Debate About Tougher Governance

😬 DeFi Investors Brace for Liquidations as MakerDAO and Aave Call in Collateral

🎙 Synthetix's Kain Warwick: What it Takes to Scale an Ethereum DeFi Protocol

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of Jan. 16

📬 Inbox Dump #38

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Farming the Fantom Mania with Yearn Vaults

⚔️ DEXs Sliding into Price War as Uniswap and dYdX Slash Trading Fees

🦭Sappy Seals and Other NFT Communities Band Together in ‘Pixelverse’ and Take on Giants

👀 Curve Boosts Layer 2s with Launch on Optimism

🔥 Surging Burn Rate Drives First Deflationary Week for ETH Issuance

🎙 Behind the Scenes of The Defiant with Robin and Camila

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of Jan. 9

📬 Inbox Dump #38

🏞 NFT Roundup: New Marketplaces Challenge OpenSea with Multichains, Tokens and Other Features

👀 Margin Trading Exchange dYdX to Fully Decentralize in 2022

📈 Doodles NFTs Soar in Value Thanks to Community Input and Astute Management

🗻 New OlympusDAO Fork Aims to Defy Protocol’s Reputation as a ‘Useless Asset’

🐧 Pudgy Penguin Holders Eye Coup Amid Acquisition Talks

🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of Jan. 2

📬 Inbox Dump #37

⍺ DeFi Alpha: Maximize Yield and Avoid Impermanent Loss with Like-Asset LPs

🦹🏻‍♂️ Rug-Pullers and Black-Hats Ran Wild in 2021 With $2.2B Lost to Theft: Report

🌻 Sunflower Game Throws Wrench in Polygon’s Gears

📈 Osmosis Lights Up the Market with 80% Run in Last 14 Days

🚀 NFT Investors Shake Lull and Send Market Volume to Four-Month High

📡 On the Radar 2022: DAOs, Layer 2s, Interoperability and More