Recap: DeFi Week of Sept. 30 🦄

Hi defiers, hope you’re having a great weekend! First off, apologies for not sending the newsletter Friday. I was traveling to Japan most of Thursday and Friday! Speaking of Japan:

  1. Next week’s coverage will be focused on Devcon, happening in Osaka from Oct. 8-11. I’ll be your mole at the big annual Ethereum family gathering :)

  2. Decentralized finance-focused conference DeFi.WTF, which I’m helping organize, is on Monday in Osaka. Come check it out if you’re around!

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Guest Post

How DeFi Can Stop Worrying About Maximalism and Love Bitcoin

Max Tarasenko of Soda Foundation, a platform that lets users borrow Dai against Bitcoin, makes the case that DeFi users shouldn’t overlook Bitcoin because the biggest cryptocurrency’s return has beat the average interest rate earned on decentralized platforms, and because first on any team’s minds should be to grow the addressable DeFi market. (Read more here.)

News & Views


  • Ethereum Ponzi Scheme Was Emptied: FairWin, an actual Ponzi scheme which accounted for one third of total Ethereum transactions, was completely emptied.

  • SEC Settles With Architects of Biggest ICO Ever: settled charges with the SEC for its $4 billion ICO and agreed to pay a $24 million civil penalty.


  • Big Bucks Don’t Equal Better Blockchains: In the blockchain space, initial funding isn’t a good indication of future development, research firm Delphi Digital found.

  • Liquidity Providers Can Get Better Returns Than Lenders: Liquidity providers for Dai on decentralized exchange Uniswap can earn annualized returns of about 14 percent, according to a tool launched by Caleb Sheridan of Blocklytics yesterday.

  • Nuo Network Revamps Margin Trading: Nuo Network is revamping margin trading on its platform to make it easier for users to track their trades and protect against liquidations.


  • This May be the Best Arbitrage Opportunity in Crypto: There’s an opportunity to borrow at 3 percent and lend at ~9 percent.

  • Coinbase Offers 1.25% Annual Return on USDC: Coinbase is now offering 1.25 percent annual return for users holding more than $1 of USDC.

  • IKEA Settled an Invoice Using Ethereum: IKEA Iceland has used Ethereum technology to settle an invoice with a local retailer.

💜Community Love💜

Thanking all the amazing defiers for the support and love this week (and always!)

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