Recap: DeFi Week of March 23 🦄

Hello Defiers! Hope everyone’s well and safe. Summing last week up: This past week was a bit quieter in terms of market swings for crypto and project announcement took the limelight, with MakerDAO handing over control of its MKR token to to token holders, as its auction was well underway to raise enough Dai to heal all of its bad debt. Uniswap released details on its long-awaited V2, while Balancer Labs raised a $3 million seed round to enter the automated market-maker game. Coinbase Wallet integrated DeFi lending platforms to its mobile app, while Uma designed a “priceless” token to reduce oracle risk. This week’s interview was with Ren Project’s CTO Loong Wang, who spoke about plans to bring Bitcoin to DeFi. I wrote about how times of crisis highlight the need for a more decentralized future. And there’re more :)

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