Recap: DeFi Week of Dec. 16 🦄

Hello defiers! Hope you’re having a great pre-holiday weekend. Summing up: It’s been all about the DAO, with Kyber Network and Synthetix announcing plans to migrate at least part of their governance into a decentralized organization, Parity Technologies offloading their Ethereum client into a DAO and the MetaCartel community planing to create a for-profit DAO. Also, lots of updates re: tokenized assets: Fulcrum is leveraging interest-bearing Chai, tokenized coffee started trading on Uniswap, RealT’s tokenized home traded on DeFi sold out, and social money started gaining traction (including with my own CAMI COINS). Maker raised $27.5 million from venture funds and OKEx started offering Maker’s DSR rate.

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