Recap: DeFi Week of Aug. 19 🦄

Hi defiers, hope you’re all having a great weekend! Summing last week up: Prompted by intense debate over whether Ethereans should do a mea culpa over scammy initial coin offerings, I looked into how much decentralized finance has to thank this funding mechanism and it turns out, it’s quite a bit. The SEC approved the first ERC20 IPO, giving new life to funding via Ethereum tokens. MakerDAO dominance continued to slide, which might change as token holders voted to cut borrowing rates. Coinbase, 0x and Compound created new tools to improve dapps’ user experience, while Opyn and Synthetix launched new products for traders. Finally, if you think all this will blow up into pieces, you can short it on Guesser’s new DeFi-focused market, but you’ll have to use DeFi :)

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