Chainlink Boosts Data Access, Dexes Become More Sophisticated, Scalable Payments Are Coming

Also, so many milestones this week.

Hello Defiers and happy Friday! Here’s what’s up,

  • New Chainlink website provides access to more than 25 decentralized oracle networks

  • Dex aggregator 1inch launches limit orders

  • Fuel, Ethereum sidechain for scalable payments, launches testnet

  • DeFi reaching milestone on top of milestone

and more :)

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Chainlink Boosting Access to Price Data for DeFi

Data feed provider Chainlink launched a platform which provides increased access to data feeds for Ethereum applications.


Dexes Become Increasingly More Sophisticated

Decentralized exchange aggregator 1inch is launching limit orders.


Scalable Ethereum Payments Are Closer

A testnet for Ethereum sidechain Fuel is now live. Fuel v0, whose code is open source, will test stability and performance of the scaling solution, which uses optimistic rollup technology.


Recent DeFi Milestones:

Thin Applications: Placeholder

Joel Montenegro of venture fund Placeholder writes about the concept of “thin applications,” “fat protocols,” and the “Web3 applications stack.”

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