The Defiant Goes Into Beta! 🚀

Hello dear defiers! This is one rare occasion where I’ll send you more than one email a day and it’s because I have an exciting announcement and a personal message to share with you.

First, the personal message:

I started The Defiant four months ago with the conviction that the financial system is being rebuilt before our eyes. I thought, there’s a revolution going on here and nobody’s giving it the coverage it deserves.

There should be a content platform that’s consistent in delivering the most important, daily developments in decentralized finance. That’s objective, with no agenda other than publishing the most interesting news, market moves, and balanced analysis. That’s data-driven, backed by the highest journalism standards, and guided by a well-informed point of view. An outlet for current and future users, investors and builders. For thought leaders to both consume and use as the platform for their own ideas.

Then I thought, what if I created this platform? After eight happy and comfortable years at Bloomberg News it was a scary thought, but also an exciting one. I started with one newsletter and kept doing it, day after day. That’s how The Defiant was born.

You, reading this now, are the real OGs. You’ve been with me from the very beginning, and I will be forever grateful. You’ve invited me into your inbox and I don’t take that lightly. I will continue working hard to keep earning that spot.

Now, the announcement:

The Defiant went from maybe a dozen clicks per post and a handful of people in the mailing list, to reaching thousands of readers and becoming one of the most trustworthy sources for decentralized finance content. It’s time to take the next step.

The Defiant is moving from MVP to beta. In other words, training wheels are starting to come off –but not completely.

What that means:

  • Everyone will continue receiving The Defiant every day, but part of the content will be only for paying subscribers (you).

  • The share of content reserved for subscribers will increase over time, as will the products that come with the subscription.

  • Paid subscriptions started. I will maintain the discounted price of $8/month and $80/year for the next 60 days. After the beta period ends, the price will increase.

I have big dreams for The Defiant going forward and I’m so grateful that you’re supporting me as I continue building it! Can’t wait to show you what I’m planning.

Humble asks for you:

You’re receiving this email because you were one of the first to support me continue creating quality DeFi content. Give me your feedback! What’s working? What isn’t? You can respond to this email, drop me a line at, or on Twitter @camirusso. Even better if you can take 15 minutes to chat!

Share with people you think would enjoy it! Forward it, Tweet it out, drop a link on the company chat, whatever works :)

And again, THANK YOU!

The short four months since I started this project have been some of the most rewarding of my life. It’s been amazing to see that what I started on my own has been useful and valuable to so many.

Don’t forget that we’re part of the vanguard in this financial revolution. We’re here when most of the world isn’t paying attention. And it’s thrilling!