🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of Sept. 12

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What a rollercoaster. We had screamworthy moments aplenty this week, and more than a few thrills, too. We were first to report 0xMaki was stepping down from SushiSwap leadership. On Tuesday we saw both Solana and Arbitrum experience outages. Brady Dale reported how bots pursuing a DEX offering appeared to be behind the Solana troubles. Then there was the case of apparent frontrunning at OpenSea, the titanic NFT marketplace, with an employee cited for exploiting inside info. The episode showed that for all the breakthroughs in DeFi, old habits like cheating die hard.

Then there was news that Aribitrum is growing at an exponential rate — Owen Fernau reported how the Layer 2 blockchain’s TVL has exploded 17 times in the last week, to $2.2B. Wow. At the same time, the zeal for airdrops is intensifying. Be sure to read the latest edition of Ape Diaries by yyctrader. It’s an invaluable primer on how to get in early on airdrops. The feature delved into some of the hottest drops so far this year and looked ahead to Arbitrum and Optimism. It was one of our most-read stories this week.

Likewise, Defiers wanting to learn more about the influx of fixed returns — the topic of a prescient research piece we published a couple weeks ago — and protection from exploits should tune into Robin Schmidt’s deep dives on our YouTube channel this week. The SuperMassive NFT show was uproarious. Speaking of NFTs, the space was awash in news — the focus was on the hack of Jay Pegs Auto Mart, an NFT project which allows holders to redeem tokens for Kia Sedonas. Meanwhile, hedge fund legend Steven Cohen led a $50M round in RECUR, a fascinating startup that’s building a royalty compensation engine for non-fungible tokens with a focus on sports content.

And don’t miss Camila Russo’s podcast with NFTfi’s Stephen Young. He provided valuable insights on the fledgling market for NFT-backed loans and the new DeFi financial service ecosystem. Your bonus piece: Brady Dale’s wonderful yarn about eBay’s rather inert strategy toward NFTs, a market the online auction giant should be embracing with fervor. Instead, it’s been kind of a non-event. Strange…

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🎙 "There's Going to Be a DeFi Universe Geared Towards Non-Fungible Assets:" NFTfi's Stephen Young

In this week’s episode Camila speaks with Stephen Young, the founder and CEO of NFTfi, a platform for enabling NFT-backed loans. For some people, decentralized finance and nonfungible tokens sit on two separate worlds; DeFi on one end with its different lending, boring, and trading applications, and NFTs, with their digital art, music royalties and collectibles. Entrepreneurs like Stephen sit at the intersection, with a platform that uses NFTs to provide a financial product. 


📺 SuperMassive NFT Show: CrypToadz, CryptoDads, Sevens, & Lost Poets

📺 First Look: Protect yourself from smart contract exploits with Sherlock

📺 Tuesday Tutorial: How to earn fixed rate of interest on 88MPH

📺 Quick Take: Arbitrum TVL mooning with ArbiNYAN - over $2 billion

Weekend Read

🦸🏻‍♂️ EBay Has BitBoy But its ‘Strange’ NFT Strategy Risks Missing a Boom for the Ages

In which Brady Dale plumbs the mystery of why eBay is approaching NFTs with the same timidity of retailers confronting the auction giant in the ‘90s…

NFTs are huge here in crypto, but the old web is not sure. Digital collectibles on the blockchain have captured the imagination of crypto heads and attracted hundreds of millions of dollars in investments. Players ranging from the Walt Disney Co. to Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady are embracing their revolutionary marketing potential. Newcomers such as OpenSea and Rarible are rapidly expanding.  

And then there’s eBay. The online auction pioneer has been hosting sales of NFTs on its site for several months, but don’t feel bad if that comes as news to you. In stark contrast to the buzz surrounding most NFT ventures, eBay has set about offering digital collectibles with the same vibe it brings to peddling used chainsaws, vintage jewelry, old toys or any of the other staples on its site since the ‘90s: Business as usual.

It’s barely even trying. The company has earned the trust of mainstream America and could rake in some very easy profits if it just tried to be a little crypto-credible in the way it’s running these sales. It’s not, though, and the quality of its efforts show in the quality of NFTs available on the site.

EBay investors should ask themselves whether eBay is going to side-eye blockchains until it’s too late. 

No-Frills Guide

In this latest edition of Ape Diaries, yyctrader provides an invaluable primer on airdrops, a timely topic given all the action around Arbitrum and Optimism.

🦍 Ape Diaries: The Early Bird Gets The Airdrop

It has historically paid to be early in DeFi — literally. Traders (including yours truly) are betting that will also be the case on Arbitrum and Optimism.  

DeFi has long fostered a culture of rewarding early adopters, with a great example being last year’s massive Uniswap airdrop in which the decentralized exchange airdropped 400 UNI tokens to every user that had swapped tokens on the platform. Those who held onto the airdrop, worth $1,200 at the time, are now sitting pretty with tokens valued at close to $10K.

And while DeFi may have started on Ethereum, its explosive growth and resulting network congestion and high transaction fees have led to the rapid expansion of numerous competing Layer-1 blockchains, sidechains, and Layer-2 scaling solutions.

As these projects compete for users and liquidity, Defiers have a great opportunity to qualify for potential retroactive airdrops by interacting early with various protocols that have not issued tokens yet but may do so in the future. On September 10, users of the Ethereum – Avalanche bridge were airdropped $GB tokens worth $2K at the time.








  • Billionaire Steven Cohen Goes Long in $50M Funding Deal for Sports NFT Player Steven Cohen, the billionaire hedge fund manager and onetime crypto skeptic, has jumped into the NFT market in a move that could shake up sports marketing, as well as the Metaverse. 

  • The Founder of LOOT Wants to Throw Away the Keys to the Contract The founder of Loot wants to throw out his most magical item: the smart contract keys that govern the nascent game. “I worry that the contract owner is and always will be the de facto authority (‘the church’) on Loot, and that this will ultimately harm the project,” its creator, Dom Hofmann, best known for making the social video app Vine, wrote on the Loot governance forum

  • Punks or Toadz? Referential Art Project No.1 in 24-Hour Trading Volume Another day, another NFT project, but with the strong network and idiosyncratic art behind this one, it might be in it for the long haul. The new kid on the block is CrypToadz. At 4,873 ETH, over $15M, in weekly trading volume, the project has quickly vaulted to the tenth slot on OpenSea despite launching just two days ago.

  • dYdX Drops Over $1B to Past Users in Airdrop Margin trading protocol dYdX launched its native token with one of the largest distributions in decentralized finance. dYdX dropped 7.5% of its initial billion-strong token supply on Sept 8. At the current price of $11.12, those 75M tokens are worth more than $800M. At one point the airdropped tokens’ value eclipsed $1B. 


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