🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of March 29

Hello Defiers! Hope you’re having a great weekend. Summing up: 2021’s first quarter came to an end and we gave DeFi a report card; it turns out that while NFTs were grabbing all the headlines, decentralized finance doubled or tripled its key metrics. The biggest news of the week for crypto was that Visa will be using Ethereum to settle USDC transactions for its partnership with Crypto.com, a huge step towards traditional finance using open finance for its rails. We dove into NFT decentralization — it turns out most NFT platforms rely on centralized services to store the data, so while you may own your NFT token, the actual art still relies on a centralized party. In major DeFi projects’ updates, Aave announced it will be expanding into scaling network Polygon and Dharma announced on-tap access from banks to DeFi.

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