🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of March 22

Hello Defiers! Hope you’re having a great weekend.

Summing up: The biggest news this week was Uniswap v3. DeFi’s most popular DEX announced details of how its third update will look like. One of the biggest highlights was concentrated liquidity, or the ability for liquidity providers to add capital to a specific range of prices rather than the entire curve. One of the implications of that is that LPs will get NFTs in exchange for their positions, instead of ERC20 tokens.

Speaking of NFTs, Beeple, the artist who sold one of these unique tokens at Christie’s for a record $69M, sparked debate when he cashed out all of the ETH he got from the sale. Mark Cuban-backed Nifty’s is one of the latest NFT projects to launch, with the goal of bringing social media to the space. Writer Clyde Smith explored how big corporations and celebrities are leveraging NFTs for marketing.

The week ended with a correction in the crypto market as a record amount of Bitcoin options expired Friday. IntoTheBlock looked at actual demand to use ETH and it remained intact during the slump, while ETH in long-time holders’ wallets continued to grow. Another controversy that sparked crypto Twitter this week was BitClout, a blockchain-based social media website. A pre-sale to VCs and the fact that the team uploaded the profiles of influencers onto the site without their permission overshadowed the launch.

We covered the new regulatory boogeyman for crypto in our Defiant Weekly video, and dove into how you can potentially earn a 20% fixed-rate on Anchor in our Tuesday Tutorial. Jim Bianco of Bianco Research, a firm that caters to traditional money managers, came on the podcast and explained why he’s convinced DeFi will quickly take over traditional finance –– and his clients better adapt or risk getting replaced.

And there was more! There’s a lot going on, but we’ve got you covered :)

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"I Try to Tell People About DeFi; It Will Come Here and Completely Flatten You:" Jim Bianco

Jim Bianco has decades of experience as a macro markets researcher. He's been leading his firm Bianco Research since 1990 and was at UBS and Lehman Brothers before that.  It was after installing MetaMask, and doing some yield farming and NFT investing, that he realized, DeFi is a new financial system, and it will replace the old one. And the reason is simple: it’s just better. He has carefully brought this up to his clients, but it’s been tough. Those that don’t underestimate open finance, are waiting to retire before they have to catch up. But Bianco thinks DeFi is taking over sooner than they think.

🎙Listen to the interview in this week’s podcast episode here:


"Marketers Should Know This About NFTs: Respect the Culture:" By Clyde F. Smith

As millions are flowing in to buy tokenized art, of course, corporations and celebrities will want to ride the hype. For some it will be conviction-driven, for others it will opportunistic. Just today, we’re seeing the latest installment, with Time magazine releasing three special edition NFT covers for auction. Mark Cuban and Elon Musk are notable examples of heavyweights testing the waters with non-fungible tokens. The following op-ed takes lessons from what influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk and big corporations like Taco Bell have so far got right — the key lays in respecting the culture.

The Betrayal of Cashing Out

After a New Yorker profile on Beeple revealed that the NFT-megastar converted $53M worth of ETH into USD from the sale of his record-breaking “Everydays: The First 5000 Days,” some members of the crypto community seemed to feel betrayed. This is a space where people are tied to their bags, both financially and technologically. For most of the world, turf wars between maximalists of competing blockchains would be the stuff of dystopian cyberpunk fiction. For us, that’s just Tuesday. So certainly a person who makes their money on a specific platform with a specific cryptocurrency should be actively supporting that platform’s continual success, right?

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  • DeFi Has a First World Problem: Too Few EM Users: It’s become a consensus view that the use case for cryptocurrencies becomes stronger in emerging markets, which are more often plagued with authoritarian regimes and devaluing currencies than developed nations. If that’s the case, then DeFi builders aren’t reaching the audience that needs them most.




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Our Co-founder @josephweinberg joined @DirSchmidt on the @DefiantNews this week to discuss, "What are VASPs, and should we be worried about them?" Check it out here 📽️👉

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You see, if you thought that just because you’re “#decentralized” the regulators can’t touch you, well you might have to think again. There’s new guidance and the implications are startling. 📺 Watch this week's #DefiantOnes now below👇

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