🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of July 26

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You all thought this bull run was all about dog coins? Well, this week cats took their rightful place as internet kings. We’re talking about Stoner Cats, the animated show with big names like Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and Vitalik Buterin that was financed with NFTs. Demand for those NFTs made Ethereum gas prices skyrocket while over $700k was lost in failed transaction fees. And for those of you looking to either dip your toes into NFTs or go after the latest one in your gallery, we have a comprehensive guide of NFT avatars.

As if we needed more indication that the NFT space remains red hot, Yield Guild Games, an investment DAO focused on the use of NFTs in virtual worlds and blockchain games, raised $12.5M in 31 seconds.

SEC chair Gary Gensler said synthetic tokens and derivatives could be considered securities, which prompted Uniswap Labs to remove synthetic tokens from the front end of the protocol. The move sparked debate over how decentralized Uniswap actually is. We had the founders of the biggest synthetic asset platforms discuss all of this in our third Jam Session.

The bottom line is that in order for DeFi to become more censorship-resistant, it needs to be actually decentralized, which is what ETH2 staking provider Lido is aiming for. The decentralization spectrum is what we discussed with Chris Blec on this week’s podcast.

Meanwhile, Wall Street continues to eye DeFi, with Goldman Sachs launching a DeFi ETF — except it apparently holds only Boomer tech like Nokia and Microsoft. Crypto firms are trying to make it easier for mainstream users to make the jump instead of relying on TradFi indexes, with Binance building a bridge to Polygon and DeBank launching a user-friendly wallet. Masha Prusso’s opinion column focused on all the novel use cases for crypto, while Blake West believes that crypto is on the cusp of a major shift towards more real-world interactions and the utilization of on-chain reputations.

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🎙 "I'm Not an Enemy of DeFi; I Want People to Know About Anything That Goes Against DeFi as a Tool for Financial Liberty:" Chris Blec

In this week’s episode, I interview Chris Blec, a researcher advocating for transparency in DeFi.  He was first drawn to cryptocurrencies through Bitcoin. He decided to go into crypto full time, first consulting with a token project in the ICO days, and later, in late 2019, by creating a YouTube channel where he aimed to educate users on how DeFi projects work under the hood. Here is where he came across what has become his focus since; the actual centralization behind supposedly decentralized protocols.All these questions and what appears to be constant criticism inspired some in the DeFi community to try to raise $50M for him to quit crypto. Meanwhile, Cointelegraph wrote a feature piece calling him maybe the most annoying man in DeFi. Chris seems unphased. To him, he’s just doing his part so that we don’t waste this opportunity to make a new, better financial system.

🎙Listen to the interview in this week’s podcast episode here:


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Opinion & Analysis

🌅 The End Of The Beginning for DeFi: 2.0 is Coming

By Blake West of Goldfinch

In his famous 2018 talk, The End of The Beginning, Benedict Evans laid out his view on the large-scale phases of the internet. See if you can spot some analogues with crypto:

If we think about the first 20 years of the internet, we really did, kind of, the easy things. It didn’t feel terribly easy at the time… but what we did was things that worked with low penetration [ie. low % of society using the internet] and low amounts of capital. It would work with consumers who weren’t comfortable buying online so they were kind of low-touch goods, things you didn’t have to hold in your hand. We tended to build tools rather than build entire stacks. We tended to build information arbitrage. We did sort of price comparison, and plane tickets. Now we do things that need high penetration and lots of capital. We invert all of these assumptions.

If you’re familiar with the “S-curve of innovation”, we are cresting the top of “Crypto 1.0”, and simultaneously starting the bottom of “Crypto 2.0”

🌈 DeFi is Getting Into Everything

By Masha Prusso

The main reason for the extreme volatility in crypto is that cryptocurrencies only give a return on investment when sold. You might consider APY and staking rewards. On one hand, it’s great that the blockchain puts the power of the banks in the hands of the people. We provide liquidity for each other and facilitate our own transactions. On the other hand, if the price of the currency drops below the value gained through these interactions, then those gains are not relevant. 

The solution to this volatility is to attach crypto to real-world goods and services that people need or use on a daily basis. Crypto isn’t just about simple financial tools anymore. Any project can be a DeFi project and some are breaking the mold in fields ranging from tokenized equities, litigation finance, solar energy and more.


  • A Comprehensive Guide to the Top NFT Avatars: If you’re looking to get into NFT Avatars, you might be suffering from decision paralysis. After all, there are so many projects out there and new ones launching nearly weekly. It’s hard to keep track — Well we make the job a little easier by listing some of the top projects and their stats in one tidy post.

  • Ethereum Activity Heats Up Ahead of EIP-1559: Following the market’s crash in May, on-chain activity on Ethereum slowed down as demand for dog-themed tokens and opportunities for yield diminished. Over the past few days, this trend has reversed as demand for NFT and gaming projects picks up.








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