🎙 "NFTs Gave Me a Sense of Security and Economic Stability I Never Felt Before:" WoW Creator Yam Karkai

In this week’s episode I speak with Yam Karkai, the digital illustrator and artist behind NFT project World of Women. She’s had all sorts of odd jobs, before becoming a full-time illustrator, and none of them had anything to do with crypto. She was freelancing from gig to gig when she discovered NFTs this year and that’s when everything changed for her. For the first time ever, she had some economic stability, oddly thanks to volatile crypto. 

 She started making 1 of 1 artworks. Yam grew up in the Middle East and now lives in France, and the mix of cultures in her life has always inspired her to highlight women of all colors and types. She realized she would be able to carry her message to a wider audience by doing a larger collection and that’s how she and her three co-founders decided to launch the World of Women generative NFT project.

 Launched in July, it was one of the first NFT avatar projects that seemed to depict women in a way that was meant for women. It sold out overnight and quickly rose to become one of the most popular NFT projects, with the current price floor on the secondary market at 2.3 ETH. Yam wants to inspire more women to come to crypto, so that they can realize, just like she did, that the space is full of possibilities for freelancers and artists. 

The podcast was led by Camila Russo, and edited by Alp Gasimov. Transcript was edited by Owen Fernau.

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